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  P100 Automatic film wrapping machine

1  Detailed performance specification:

Power £ºAC 380V£¬3 phase£¬50Hz©vChina©w£¬or specified by the customer¡£Operation direction £º Right hand machine©vinlet from the left hand direction ©w£¬ or specified by the customer¡£

Suitable coil size£º

> O.D: ¦×220mm¡«¦×460mm £»Inner Diameter: ¦×140mm©vmin©w£»Height: 50mm¡«100mm¡£
> Coil weight £ºMax. 35Kg¡£
> PVC¨MPE¨MPP film size£º thickness 0.05mm¡«0.07mm  ¡Á width 80mm¡«120mm¡£
> Film rolls loading way £º Pneumatic clamping¡£
> Operation board is man-machine interface©vGraphic Operator Interface©w¡£
> Full machine electric circuit control£ºby MITSUBISHI micro-computer ©vP.L.C©w¡£Instrument and switch on the operation board£ºTouch screen¡¢Speed adjust button¡¢Emergency switch ,etc¡£
> Can install automatic label unit£¬ Can automatically draw a label and sent to the coil¡£

2  Character £º

>  Use PVC¨MPE plastic film ¡¢PP braid belt or paper£¬ high speed wrapping and packaging¡£
>  By touch screen interface(man-machine interface), simple and easy operation ¡£
>  By arm mode wire carrying £¬by AC motor drive£¬ smoothly rotate coil¡£
>  Adjustment of wire carrying arm size , by electric adjustment , easy and fast¡£
>  PLC micro-computer auto-control system, high stabilization level, can memorize 99 group different coil packaging specification ,when change the specification , only need to read the memory data , can start production right awayno need to adjust and test in advance ¡£

3  Machine Composition £º

>  Man-machine interface ------------------------------- 1 unit
>  Packaging ring ( C type ring ) -----------------------1 set
>  Packaging material supplying device ------------------1 set
>  Auto arm device --------------------------------------1 set
>  Electric control unit and operation system -----------1 set
>  Auto label transmission device------------------------1 set

4  Detailed specification:

Control unit :
>  By PLC auto control system+ man-machine interface operation screen, can memorize 99 group different coil packaging specification , when change the coil specification , do not need to adjust the machine , all data shows on the touch screen ; electrical control box and operation board all by modular design , easy maintenance and replacement¡£

Ctype ring :
>  By timing belt and plastic steel gear to drive the C type ring ,C type ring do not slip while operating , stable packaging and low noise; C type ring is made of special steel material, C type ring supporting inside and outside wheel are Urethane coating ,C type ring does not wear, keep real round circle while operating ,long operation life , with overload protection , motor is not easy to burning destroy ¡£

Auto arm device£º
>  By quadruplet electric arm holding adjustment, include the coil O.D size adjustment , wrapping center point collating ,easy and fast ;4 axis power driven wire holding £¬ no slipping guaranteed£¬ not loose round circle while operating  ¡£packing belt overlapping degree can be adjusted ¡£

Cutting knife :
>  By air pressure cutting system£¬ when the set length packing material complete the wrapping £¬ automatically cut off¡£The cutter body can be serrated knife or scissors type ( select and replace by different kind of packing material ), sharp knife can cut PVC¡¢PP¡¢PE plastic film or braid packing material¡£

>  When packing material sent to set place, auto clip the belt , auto draw the belt , after wrapping 1.0 round, the gripper auto recoil£¬until wrapped to the set incept rounds (1.5 ~ 2.5  rounds ) £¬ the gripper auto release the belt£¬do not need any manual operation £¬ high security¡£

Belt supply device:

Air pressure belt supply device£¬ avoid lock up screw£¬ fast belt change£¬ easy for installation ¡£
Auto label transmission unit£º
Stack label piled-up , after wrapping each coil, auto draw a label and transferred , no manual operation needed , convenient and safe£¬time saving £¬ increase the output¡£
Drive motor :
C type ring : 1 HP ¡Á 4P AC motor¡£ (rotating packaging )
Wire holding arm: 1 HP ¡Á 4P A C motor  + 1/20 reducer


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  Brass , Rectangular Wire Drawing Machine
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  Auxiliary Equipment
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